Laguna Porec

For 7 days, Laguna Porec resort will become a home to more than 300 archers. After hard work on the competition field, archers can enjoy in a beautifully preserved natural surroundings and crystal-clear sea.
Laguna Porec also offers wide selection of fun activities and entertainment like:

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Porec – a city with a thousand-year history – is located only 5 km north from Laguna Porec. The old town centre is easily accessed by bike, tourist train, boat or bus.

Richness of Porec is measured by its historical heritage, deeply rooted in this area for thousands of years. The priceless city centre, located on a small peninsula, has submerged in the sea. Its foundations were put in place during the time of the rule of the Roman Empire.

The most valuable cultural monument in Porec is Euphrasius basilica. It was built on the remains of an earlier tri-naval basilica in the first half of the 6th century. It is possible to climb up to the steeple and view Porec and its surroundings. Since 1998 it has been an UNESCO protected site.

In the old town you also can see:

Also, try rich and famous Istrian gastronomy in many restaurants and taverns.
Istrian cuisine, prepared according to traditional recipes for centuries, is based on the fruits of the soil and of the sea.